Melvin Stringer

Name: Melvin Stringer
Wayne State University
Major: B.S. Business Management



Melvin Stringer in a 2009 initiate of the Las Vegas alumni chapter. He currently serves as the chapters Historian. Brother Stinger serves at the President of KenyaKEEP organization an educational enrichment project. The organizations mission is to provide donations of money, materials, and time to deserving children, schools, and educators in Kenya as they strive to achieve the educational success that will help Kenya become a stronger nation. Kenyan education is based on an 8-4-4 system: eight years in primary school, four years in secondary and four in tertiary education.

The Kenyan education system is severely under funded and the Goverment is only providing some assistance with funding teachers. Most of the well-equipped and successful schools are private, expensive, often aimed at international or ex-patriot children, or are concentrated in the big cities. In Primary and Secondary education, the standard of schools varies enormously from the aforementioned well-funded and well-equipped schools, to the desperately under-equipped and under-staffed schools which Kenya KEEP is helping. Secondary education in Kenya receives some goverment funding, the levels are far from adequate and they receive no funding for boarding schools. Currently, the majority of poor Kenyans do not go beyond primary school. The organizatios official website is

Brother Stringer is aslo a board member of the Diamond Foundation.


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