Lenbirgh Redmond Jr.

Name: Lenbirgh Redmond
California State University Dominquez Hills
Major: Special Education, Biology
Email: Private


Lenbirgh Redmond holds an M.A. degree in Special Education from California State University Dominquez Hills (1997), a B.S. degree in Operations Management & Information Systems from Northern Illinois University College of Business (1991), and a B.S. degree in Biology from California State University Dominquez Hills (1994). Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Since September 3, 1987. From The EPSILON OMICRON Chapter in North Central Province located at Northern Illinois University.

Brother Redmond, provides Redmond Group Investments with substantial real estate auction expertise.  He is an experienced purchaser of properties sold at foreclosure auctions, and his acquisitions for the account of other investors have generated substantial profits for such investors.  Mr. Redmond began his career in the real estate industry in late 1999 as a “runner”, or free-agent bidder, supporting the foreclosure auction activities of certain investor syndicates and their other bidders.  Mr. Redmond screened over 100,000 properties, performed due diligence on approximately 8,000 of those properties, and assisted in the purchase of over 150 properties on behalf of other investors from early 2002 through early 2003.  Over the past 12 years, he has purchased 27 properties for approximately $75 million, sold 19 for approximately $51 million in profits, generating an internal rate of return of approximately 43%. Mr. Redmond has extensive experience in identifying and attracting world class operating teams, investors, and deal specific resources to investments in any industry.  Mr. Redmond has broad experience in structuring private equity investments; setting strategic and tactical plans for new company formation, fund-raising and investment; and providing board level advisory counsel on strategy, planning and financial matters.

Brother Redmond provides New Markets Tax Credit advisory and structuring advice to investment firms, municipalities, and companies with a particular focus on real estate projects.  He also provides investment counsel, advice, operational/strategic resources, and capital to privately held companies.  Notably, he provided acquisition advisory services on behalf of Target Market News, a leading market research firm, in its acquisition of a magazine title, Black Issues Book Review, in March 2006.

Brother Redmond is also the President & COO and co-founder of SCAH Investments, LLC, the Manager for Prequel, LLC, a $50 million real estate private equity fund (leveraged) that invests in distressed residential real estate in Southern California.  Previously he was a co-founding general partner of RGI Capital Partners, L.P., a $50 million private equity firm in the Chicago area that invested in middle to later stage companies, particularly those companies owned/managed by minorities and women.  Investors in RGI include some of the most distinguished institutional private equity investors in the U.S. including CalPERS, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, and J.P. Morgan Chase.


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